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Cyber threats are increasing just as fast as your business is growing, 35% of firms say they have detected cyber attacks in the past 24 months, but the reality is that many more are likely compromised they don’t know it.

In the face of today’s evolving threats, businesses understand the need to be secure, but they do more than hire an I.T. guy. Companies need to be more vigilant, and more prevent a data incident rather than react to one. That’s why DCF created the cybersecurity intelligence center; we call the DCF SecuritySOC™.

The DCF SecuritySOC™ represents a new breed of managed security services bringing a comprehensive and customizable approach to managing cyber risks that help you move beyond cyber secure towards cyber confidence. Our SecuritySOC™ offer a flexible and scalable 24/7 solution for any sized business to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

DCF’s SecuritySOC™vprovides you enhanced cyber capabilities from managing and interpreting security-related data to respond in real-time to a threat.

Our SecuritySOC™ center is available when you need them 24 by 7 offering Rapid Incident Response and recovery for all industries and customized to meet your unique needs. Cybersecurity solutions can help you onto a path that matters the path to becoming a more secure vigilant and resilient organization so you can get back to business sooner.

When you discover that your enterprise has been breached or has been a victim of cybercrime your initial thoughts go to solving the immediate problem but for true cyber professionals that’s only the beginning.

It is essential to ensure your cyber security professionals undergo a thorough process of identifying preserving analyzing and presenting digital evidence. The need to gather new forms of evidence term digital forensics into a vital tool used by law enforcement in the pursuit and conviction of crimes both computer-based such as human exploitation, cyberstalking, and cyberterrorism. However, also computer facilitated such as illegal data breaches that result in the theft of information.

This process is known as digital forensics.

Any part of an enterprise system can be vulnerable to criminal activity or unauthorized breaches. A forensic analysis by DCF will analyze storage media hardware and operating systems networks and applications to locate the point of compromise.

Digital Forensics

When conducting a forensic review, it is essential to follow the digital forensic scientific process that covers the entire evidence gathering procedure from data collection to examination and analysis to reporting in the data collection. DCF’s forensic examiners work from a letter of engagement that outlines the parameters of the search. Working to establish and maintain the chain of custody and guarantees proper rules of evidence.


The  reporting phase is when conclusions are made, and expert evidence or testimony is

Presented. Since DCF examiners may be required to present evidence as part of expert testimony using this scientific process increases the likelihood that any evidence found will be fully admissible in a court of law.

Another important consideration for organizations; should they be the victim of a breach,  is the possible mishandling of evidence by untrained staff. To mitigate this risk in organizations, evidence preservation considerations could involve bringing in either law enforcement or an external forensic specialist, so legal remedies such as the criminal prosecution of the perpetrator be considered.

When you discover that your enterprise has been breached digital forensics can ensure that best practices are observed throughout the evidence gathering process.

Without digital forensics,  intrusions and potential evidence can go unnoticed or become compromised, and systems may remain vulnerable to additional attacks as cybercriminals get more sophisticated and data breaches become more damaging to enterprises.

To learn how DCF SecuritySOC™ can help your organization become more cyber competent and to explore cyber defense scenarios for your company dial 770.984.5000 and schedule a free consultation.

Data Evidence for Lawyers

The search for ESI (electronically stored information) is commonly referred to as digital forensics, ediscovery, e-discovery, computer forensics, cyber forensics, and data discovery. This is the process in which electronic data is sought, located, and secured for the purpose of providing evidence. Data of all types can serve as evidence, including text, images, databases, e-mail, web sites, and even viruses and spyware.

What makes electronic data different from any other form of evidence is the fact that a copy created using the right tools is identical in every way and cannot be disputed. This makes digital forensics evidence stronger and more secure than any other form of forensic science.

Data is everywhere. Computers are only the “tip of the iceberg”. Any storage device could contain crucial evidence. So, a hard drive is always the storage device, right? Well, it’s only one of many different types of storage media. Others include smart/mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, and more.

Many types of cases could benefit from discovery of electronic data:

·        Employment Disputes

·        Corporate Espionage

·        Class Action

·        Financial Crimes

·        Divorce

·        Family Law

·        Healthcare Fraud

·        Bankruptcy/ Receivership

·        Identity Theft

·        Child Custody

Documents aren’t just stacks of paper anymore. The document you are reading was printed from digitally stored data. Did you know the digital file also contains every change that was made during its creation? Our Certified Computer Examiners have the tools and techniques to discover this information in most cases.

Our examiners strive to communicate technical information in non-technical terms, as well as logically understand the data being collected and how to apply it relevantly to our client’s specific needs.

We provide Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) expert witness testimony and litigation support to our clients when needed.


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    Digital Forensics and e-discovery are playing an ever-increasing role in how facts are discovered and reported from a vast array of technical and communications products such as computers, tablets, smart/mobile phones, backup media and digital cameras.