Managed IT services


DCF has a fully qualified and continuously trained helpdesk employing people with multiple levels of knowledge. Our comprehensive helpdesk functions as a single point of contact for all your users for troubleshooting various issues and getting questions answered.

  • Remote troubleshooting instead of having an engineer sent to your place.

  • We can help you expand your IT company or small business.
  • Single point of contact for reporting, troubleshooting and follow-up of issues.
  • Standard set of procedures ensure that all issues are solved systematically and faster.
  • IT performance reports to find out which systems are facing the most issues, so that you can take adequate steps to replace or repair them.
  • Reduced IT budget – Our fully trained and updated helpdesk provides you with faster resolutions, so that you do not have to hire extra IT resources, saving you money and time.

Onsite and Remote services

Get a qualified engineer to solve complex issues at your workplace or home or let us manage it remotely at zero inconvenience to you.

System Monitoring

We monitor and manage your IT infrastructure constantly to ensure that everything is running at optimum levels. Any issues are proactively identified and resolved at minimum downtime.

System Security

Constant monitoring and updating of your IT infrastructure to ensure you are always protected from cyber attacks.

Cloud Storage

We provide you with affordable, secure and scalable cloud hosting, so you never have to worry about protection, crashed servers, lost backups and downtimes.

Monthly Reporting

We provide regular reports of the status and health of your IT infrastructure and identify the bottlenecks, so that you can take timely measures for resolving issues before they cause damage.