Cyber Security

At DCF we also recognize Information Security work expectations are at an all-time high and IT departments are often pulled in too many directions to address some of the proactive and reactive security and forensic work in a timely fashion.

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Plan Implement Audit Monitor

Organizations benefit from DCF’s CyberSecurity and Digital Forensic expertise because we thoroughly evaluate the entire environment- we review and identify the entire scope of risk and create a plan to avoid incidents.

Our computer forensic investigators specialize in:

Identifying the cause and assess the scope of an incident

Preserving the evidence to support any notification duties and potential litigation

Understanding the totality of the situation to ensure remediation is complete and assist legal with any Notification Obligation determination

Recommending an appropriate course of action to prevent/follow-on or mitigate future attacks.

DCF Digital Investigations offers trusted and extensive CyberSecurity experience to organizations. While we all realize no organization can protect themselves 100 percent, our clients engage us to identify, prioritize, strategize and minimize their surface of attack and to put the necessary controls in place to prevent/follow-on and respond to CyberSecurity incidents through the following offerings:

  • Proactive Cyber Defense Services – planned, actionable, expert solutions to prevent incidents
  • Reactive Cyber Defense Services – swift, leading edge response to significantly mitigate damage.

Proactive Cyber Security Services

DCF Proactive CyberSecurity Services are focused on a multi-layered approach to help keep your organization fully protected from Security Incidents and Breaches. Here’s the layered process:

  • Cyber Security Readiness

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • External Penetration Testing

  • Compliance Audits- PCI, GDPR, ABA Model Rule l .6(c), SOX & HIPAA

  • I.T. General Control Audits


A critical first-step to cybersecurity is performing an Assessment of your digital environment. DCF’s computer forensic investigators offer a wide variety of assessments to locate security gaps in the digital environment, then remedy and add new more effective environmental Controls.

For proactive cyber defense and security, it is best to have your current environment comprehensively assessed.

Hunt Team

DCF’s team of cyber investigators continuously search through your organization’s network looking for active indicators, markers and red flags that attackers leave behind as they are performing reconnaissance, privilege escalation, persistence and the myriad steps taken to “owning” your secure data. The Hunt Team then stops or greatly mitigates the attack BEFORE it can occur. Choose DCF for this long-term agreement to assist your IT security team with counterintelligence in a flexible and fiscally responsible way.

Virtual CISO

At DCF we understand there is no “one size fits all” in the business world. Information Security, big and small, simple and complex, is unique to every company and industry.

Reactive Cyber Security Services

Data Breach | Incident Response

DCF offers leading edge experience at being parachuted in to quickly assess, stop and remedy the damage for an incident reponse or data breach.

Malware Analysis

DCF is able to reverse engineer malware to determine the payload impact on your digital environment.

Root Cause Analysis

This utilizes DCF’s proven approach, tools and techniques to systematically process your data breach and accurately identify the cause of the incident.

IT Reboot

Organizations should never feel captive by their IT Department. DCF helps empower organizations with their IT Reboot service. This service provides a solution for quiet and effective transitional control of your digital environment should IT staff in critical positions leave unexpectedly, pass away or are being let go. DCF will step in and provide a timely, smooth, temporary take-over of the IT environment and transition to replacement personnel, including ensuring there are no backdoors to the IT environment — all with minimal disruption to your organization.

Digital Forensics is highly utilized for White Collar Crime matters as excellent Financial Electronic Evidence can be gathered during digital investigation in these types of cases.