Is your network fully protected?  Do you know what security options are in place for your business?  I am quickly learning that business owners have no idea what is involved in securing their networks.  With the business of hackers and thieves becoming full time, we are way above securing your network with antivirus and antispyware.  Yes, you still need those, but you need other layers to help defend against ransomware attacks and security data breaches.

Are you Fully Protected?

We can build Fort Knox across your network but if a user clicks on an email they were not supposed to, an attack can occur.  With that said, the number one defense is education. Educate your staff so they understand some of the “do’s and don’ts” of working on your business network.  The second most important thing, and this may be the first most important depending on who you speak with, is to have good, solid, encrypted backups.  You MUST have a good disaster recovery plan and be able to execute it in a moment’s notice. We’ve come to realize that it is not “if” you get attacked, it’s “when” you get attacked.

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Sheryl Cherico, CEO