Discovery Computers and Forensics specializes in Digital Forensic Examinations. Since 2003, DCF has been providing forensic exams, expert testimony services and IT services across the country. We are one of the leaders in digital forensic examinations.

Sheryl Cherico

There are plenty of businesses that are good “I.T.” guys; we are a cybersecurity firm that has been designed to bring big business solutions to the small and medium market. DCF has work with an existing I.T. team or accept the responsibility to manage the who system. DCF can provide computer network security, employee training, security operations center overview and if you can’t afford to hire a dedicated security officer; we have a virtual Certified Information Security Officer (VCISO).

What Makes DCF So Unique is How We Have Bundled Cyber Security with Digital Forensics.

When you discover that your enterprise has been breached or has been a victim of cybercrime your initial thoughts go to solving the immediate problem but for true cyber professionals, that’s only the beginning. It is essential to ensure your cyber security professionals undergo a thorough process of identifying preserving analyzing and presenting digital evidence. The need to gather evidence using digital forensics can be the difference in how a regulator or legal matter ends.

Any part of an enterprise system can be vulnerable to criminal activity or unauthorized breaches. A forensic analysis by DCF will analyze storage media hardware and operating systems networks and applications to locate the point of compromise. Don’t let just any computer guy access your system if you suspect a data breach, contact DCF to be sure what is collected in admissible in court.