Are you using 2 factor authentication?  Also known as MFA (mutli-factor authentication).  At this point, if you are not, you should.  Some applications no longer let you login without it, and that’s a good thing.  The best practice is to use 2 factor authentication whenever you can.

What is 2 factor authentication?

Basically, this sets up a 2nd layer of verification.  It will either go to your cell phone, or your email.  You can do either.  Once you log in, it will send you a code that you need to complete the login process.  The reason for this is that a hacker can get your password, but they may not have your phone, therefore not being able to complete the login process.  It also lets you know someone is trying to get in.  If you receive a code to your phone and you are not logging in, something isn’t right.  Change your password right away.

With the hacking that is going on these days, anything you can do to stay protected is advised.  Set up alerts for when you log into a new device.  Change your password frequently.  Have you bank send you text messages when there is a withdrawal.  There is plenty you can do to protect yourself.  Don’t think it will never happen to you.  I just might…

Sheryl Cherico, CEO

Discovery Computers and Forensics


Sheryl is the CEO of Discovery Computers and Forensics and Tier3MD.